Transmitter Monitors - DTM Series

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The Distributed Transmitter-Monitor (DTM) product line from ProvibTech is a series of extremely reliable and flexible products that have the following core features:

  • Each DTM is a full featured single channel monitor
  • Fully field programmable with CFG software
  • Redundant power input for reliability
  • Buffered output standard
  • Dual dry-contact relay outputs
  • Two alarm set-points: Alert and Danger
  • Trip multiply and Bypass
  • Dynamic data (waveform, spectrum, phase) available
  • MODBUS digital communication available


The two primary modules are the DTM10 Proximity Module and the DTM20 Seismic Module. The DTM10 Proximity Module can be configured to measure Vibration, Position, or Speed and can operate with or without a Proximity Probe Driver. The DTM20 can measure Vibration is units of Acceleration, Velocity, or Displacement.

The DTM can be interfaced with ProvibTech’s PCM360 Condition Monitoring Software for a complete Machinery Protection and Monitoring solution.

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PDM is a full service provider for Predictive Maintenance technologies. Our clients’ programs range from Consulting to support Training services to full Predictive Maintenance Programs. Our Consulting services can optimize an existing program’s performance, resolve the systemic problems that are being detected but not eliminated, or solve the difficult to solve problems. Our Training services are tailored to the needs of the client. Whether adding new staff to your Predictive team, upgrading existing skills, or getting personnel Certified; we have the Training solutions. Our Services range from fully embedded programs where we do it all to analysis and reporting services that support the internal data collection program.

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